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Stephen Fry named Patron

Updated: Mar 26

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry has been announced as the new Patron of Dr Johnson’s House. Fry has long been an admirer of Samuel Johnson, the writer and wit, who lived and worked at the house in the middle of the 18th century, compiling his great Dictionary of the English Language (1755) here.

Stephen Fry, Patron of Dr Johnson’s House, said:

‘I have long admired the work, life and achievements of Samuel Johnson: the single-handed production of a comprehensive – and often hilarious – dictionary stands, among many other notable works, as a high point in our literary history. I am delighted and very honoured to become Patron of Dr Johnson’s House.’

Celine Luppo McDaid, The Hyde Director of Dr Johnson’s House, said:

“To have Stephen Fry join us as our Patron is an immense honour, and it is thrilling that he has joined at a moment when we’re on the cusp of exciting and ambitious development plans.”

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