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Pre and Primary School Students

Dr Johnson's House runs workshops for Pre and Primary Schools. They last between 60 and 90 minutes, and cover areas of the English, History and Art Curriculum. We can also tailor workshops to your needs.

To make an enquiry or book a workshop, please contact us on 020 7353 3745 or fill in an enquiry form.


House and Home: Dr Johnson's London (Key Stage 2)

An interactive workshop with a carousel of activities relating to life in Georgian London, including a treasure hunt in Dr Johnson's House, word games, dressing up and some messier optional activities!
Full workshop outline (pdf)

The Life of Francis Barber (Key Stage 2)

Francis Barber started life on a Jamaican sugar plantation and ended up as a schoolmaster in Staffordshire. Using evidence including images, artefacts, and eighteenth-century documents, pupils piece together Barber's extraordinary story in the house where he once lived and worked.
Full workshop outline (pdf)


English and Literacy

Johnson's Dictionary (Key Stage 2)

This workshop uses word games and primary sources to explore the differences between English today and English in Johnson's time, and introduces his famous Dictionary. After considering what makes a good definition, the group have the chance to define their own world.
Full workshop outline (pdf)


Marketing Challenge (Key Stage 2)

After undertaking a treasure hunt in Dr Johnson's House to explore the building, its history and its main selling points, the pupils are challenged to design a leaflet promoting Dr Johnson's House to young people, considering the most effective language and presentation. Can be combined with other workshops. Resources available for use as a follow-up activity at school.
Full workshop outline (pdf)

Treasure Hunt

Catnapped! (Key Stage 2)

Explore the historic City of London, solving puzzles and clues in order to find Dr Johnson's favourite cat, Hodge, who has been Catnapped! This can be done in isolation or following a workshop as a second day's activities. Dr Johnson's House provides maps and clues. 
Contact us for more information.

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