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Our History

Samuel Johnson color painting

Samuel Johnson

Son of a Lichfield book seller, Johnson rose to become one of the greatest literary figures of all time.


old cup painting decoration

The Collection

Our Collection contains  books, manuscripts, artwork, and objects of art relating to Johnson and his circle.


Samuel Johnson House dining room with table

17 Gough Sq

An untouched time capsule of the Age of Enlightenment and home of the first modern dictionary.


key points of Johnson timeline

Johnson Timeline

The key points in Johnson's life noted in sequence.


Dr Johnson's House Home Team 10 May 2023 staff meeting

The Trust

Since 1911, the Trust has preserved 17 Gough Square for the public.


Barber, Francis

Johnson's Circle

From giants of the Enlightenment to Johnson's intriguing household, meet Johnson's Circle.


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