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a father showing his kids something in a museum book

Supporting the House of Words 

We are proud of what we have accomplished since the House was saved in 1911, but know  that our future survival and ability to live up to our potential to inspire, educate, and entertain is dependent on sounds management and charitable support. By encouraging audiences to explore and celebrate the rich potential of words, and sharing the story of those who visited and lived here, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who visit and engage. Our Board is committed to making this happen and hope that you will join with us for an exciting future.

Strategic Aims

  • Further develop and expand our learning programmes to inspire people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to explore Johnson’s world, appreciate and employ the power of words with confidence, overcome adversity, and champion diverse viewpoints.

  • Create, for the first time, an accessible site with exciting interpretation and exhibition spaces and appropriate storage for collections.

  • Secure funding for additional staff to galvanise our impact as well as grow and diversify audiences and income, to support our future.

  • Become more resilient and  sustainable for the future

costumes and actors in the museum
pen with ink near candles

How you can help

Gifts of all sizes help, from £20 to pay for a month of improved WiFi for the House, to £10,000 to pay for UV filters on the windows to improve carbon neutrality and protect the collection, or substantially more to purchase an adjacent building that will provide accessibility and significantly enhanced and increase all areas of our work.  ​Why not consider:

The necessity of joint efforts for the execution of any great or extensive design, the variety of powers disseminated in the species, and the proportion between the defects and excellences of different persons demand an interchange of help and communication of intelligence, and, by frequent reciprocations of beneficence, unite mankind in society and friendship.

Johnson: Rambler No. 104 
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