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The Charity

By the start of the twentieth century, Dr Johnson’s House was empty and derelict.  In 1911, the house was bought by philanthropist Cecil Harmsworth, a Liberal MP.  He restored it and opened it to the public, building a cottage next door for the resident Curator.  In 1929, a Trust was formed to run the House, and in 2007 the charity was incorporated.  Dr Johnson’s House is today run by Dr Johnson’s House Trust Ltd, registered charity no 1122396.   

Our charitable objectives are:

Cecil Harmsworth was adamant that Dr Johnson’s House should always feel like a home and not a ‘stuffy museum’; therefore he insisted that tea parties and dinner parties should always be welcome.  Dr Johnson’s House continues to adhere to Harmsworth’s wishes today.

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Newpaper cutting from the Cork Examiner 12th December 1929, announcing the formation of Dr Johnson's House Trust to run 17 Gough Square.

Cutting from the Cork Examiner announcing the formation of Dr Johnson's House Trust, December 1929.

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