Cover of Johnson's Selected Essays


Selected Essays
by Samuel Johnson, ed. David Womersley

Johnson was a prolific essayist, with publishing in the Rambler, the Adventurer and the Idler. He ranged over topics such as journalism, marriage, mortality, war and self-knowledge, producing insightfull and thought-provoking works, that reflect his eighteenth-century context, but are often as relevant today as when first published.

This edition contains a broad selection of essays, both on moral and lighter-hearted themes, representing the variety in Johnson's works. It includes an introductory essay and notes by David Womersley and a chronology of Johnson's life and times.

Published: 2003
Publisher: Penguin Classics
ISBN: 978-0140436273
Detail: Paperback, 640 pages, 130 x 200mm

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