Cover of Taxation, No Tyranny


Taxation no Tyranny: An Answer to the Resolutions and Address of the American Congress 
By Samuel Johnson 

In 1775 Samuel Johnson was asked to write a response to the complaints of the American Congress and their demands for no taxation without representation. Taxation no Tyranny was his response, creating waves of criticism and controversy on both sides of the Atlantic.

Johnson's impassioned response to the American Congress refutes each of the colonists arguments in turn, ranging over the topics of patriotism, the role of government, empire, trade and slavery. Despite numerous print runs and a storm of criticism, Johnson was still concerned that perhaps not enough people had read Taxation no Tyranny as he had not been sufficiently attacked.

Published: 1996
Publisher: Thomas Harmsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 0 948807 32 6
Detail: Paperback, 14 pages, 150 x 210mmmm

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