Cover of Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes: The Hidden Life of Georgian Theatre 1737-1784
ed. Stephanie Pickford

Behind the Scenes is a collection of essays by distinguished scholars who delve into the hidden world of Georgian theatre, in the age of Samuel Johnson. Discover a time when Romeo and Juliet had a happy ending, when the audience could sit on the stage, when an actress in breeches brought the house down and when theatrical reputations were made and unmade in the capital's coffee-houses. Behind the Scenes provides the reader with a unique insight into Johnson's relationship with the theatre; his ill-fated tragedy, Irene, and the early career of his former pupil, David Garrick, the most celebrated actor of his generation.

This illuminating, original and beautifully-illustrated book is edited by Stephanie Pickford, Donald Hyde Curator at Dr Johnson's House, with a foreword by Michael Dobson. 

Published: 2007
Publisher: Dr Johnson's House Trust
ISBN: 978-1899284061
Details: Paperback, 54 pages, 150 x 210mm

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